July 18, 2019

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Car Accidents: Why Driving at Night is Dangerous

Cars are more technologically advanced and have more safety features than ever before. Forward collision warning systems, blind spot monitoring systems, and lane change assist technology have became standard features on many makes and models. Yet … [Read more...]

Distracted Driving (and Walking) Major Cause of Pedestrian Accidents

Distracted driving is something all drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians need to be concerned about because as more and more people depend on their phones for everyday activities like communicating with loved ones, working, errands, and travel, more … [Read more...]

Georgia Alcohol Laws

Residents of Georgia and those who visit the Peach State may want to read up on its alcohol-related laws before heading out for a drink or making a liquor store run. Just like the other 49 states, Georgia has some very specific laws governing the … [Read more...]

Georgia Supreme Court Offers Controversial Interpretation of State Gun Law

There is a law in Georgia that protects employers from liability in matters related to employee-owned guns. The statute, entitled Business Security and Employee Privacy Act, has been, by and large, interpreted in a cut-and-dry fashion, with a number … [Read more...]

Georgia Dram Shop Law

When someone is injured by drunk driver, a question that seems to follow after the incident is: what now? In many cases, the recourse for compensation can be complicated and require adept legal knowledge. For example, an intoxicated person who … [Read more...]

Factors that Contribute to Pedestrian Accidents

Walking is often the safest way to get from Point A to Point B – provided they are not too far apart. However, injuries happen to pedestrians just as they do to drivers and passengers in motor vehicles. In fact, some pedestrian injuries are more … [Read more...]

Common Law Marriage and Wrongful Death Claims in Georgia

Georgia wrongful death law is very specific as to who can bring a claim. The surviving spouse and children get the highest priority. When there is no spouse and there are no children, the parents of the decedent can sue. If none of these exist, a … [Read more...]

Georgia Statutes of Limitations for Civil Cases

Have you been thinking about taking legal action due to a physical injury that was caused by someone else’s negligence? Have you or a loved one been physically injured due to a defective product? If so, you may be entitled to compensation, and a good … [Read more...]

Georgia Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation allows you to receive compensation for an on the job injury, regardless of who was at fault for the injury in most cases. This article is intended to inform you about the basics of Georgia Workers’ Compensation Law. What … [Read more...]

How to Handle Insurance Companies After a Crash

Having auto insurance is a necessary part of operating a vehicle on the roads. In the event of a crash your first reaction may be to accept any coverage your insurance company (or the at-fault driver’s insurance company) offers you, but that may not … [Read more...]